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Automate the mundane.

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Momentum unlocks the productivity gains of AI automation, without replacing existing systems.

Momentum performs digital tasks as a human would, seamlessly interacting with your existing software tools to automate workflows unique to your business.

See Momentum in Action.

Define Automations in Your Own Words.

Explain what you need done, and let Momentum turn your words into explicit actions.

Process Unstructured Documents.

Supercharge document-based workflows with an intelligent agent that can interpret documents containing both text and images.

Monitor Automations in Real-Time.

With Momentum’s Dashboard, watch automations execute in real-time.

Zero Integration Required.
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Most existing automation solutions require structured tasks or API integrations with the apps they interact with.Momentum operates on top of the existing software stack, interpreting and performing tasks as a human would.

Transformative use cases.

Property Disclosures

Employ Momentum's document processing capabilities to automatically extract essential information from property disclosure forms, driving increased efficiency in real estate transactions.

Claims Registration

Momentum automates the intake process of claims by extracting data from submitted documents and entering it into your existing claims management system.

Brokerage Compliance

Leverage Momentum’s built-in document processing capabilities to radically reduce the cost associated with manual compliance review.

KYC Compliance

Harness Momentum's RPA capabilities to verify customer information efficiently, ensuring compliance with KYC regulations and enhancing the accuracy of client data in financial services.

PO Order Processing

Automate supply chain data extraction from documents like purchase orders and shipping manifests, enhancing inventory tracking and logistics coordination while minimizing manual effort.

Inventory Data Entry

With Momentum, retailers can automate inventory data entry from purchase orders and sales records, improving inventory accuracy, reducing administrative tasks, and facilitating informed decision-making for restocking and pricing.

Enhance Productivity with AI Capabilities.
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Execute Tasks Autonomously.
Momentum operates independently, making real-time decisions based on predefined criteria to complete tasks without human intervention.
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Extract Document Information.
The system goes beyond just interacting with a GUI - it specializes in processing documents containing both text and images, enabling rich document workflows that require everything from information extraction to summarization.
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Deploy at Scale
Scale Workforce Efforts.
Automations are run in encrypted virtualized cloud environments, making it easy to scale up or down to meet your needs at a moment’s notice.
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Momentum App Logo
Audit with Ease.
With Momentum’s log history and screen recording, see all automated activity as if watching over the shoulder of a diligent employee and rest easy on ensuring accountability.
Zero-Compromise Security
We take our commitment to security with the utmost seriousness. We maintain strict compliance with best practices, conduct regular security audits of our systems, and store the minimum amount of your data possible to operate our application.
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Contact us to discuss how you could automate your workflows with Momentum. Our team will help you discover the best automation strategy and get things off the ground.
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